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Interesting And Pinteresting! - Farm Inspired Wedding - Farm Inspired Wedding

Photo Courtesy of - Farm Inspired Wedding
Photo Courtesy of - Farm Inspired Wedding

Follow us! We recently launched A Legendary Event Pinterest page and posted some of our latest “Legendary” pics and tips. Plus, discover ways to keep it “Legendary,” from our award-winning wedding cakes to etiquette lessons from Tony Conway.

If you’re unfamiliar with online scrapbook Pinterest, now is the time to join millions of Pinterest followers. Gone are the days of cutting up your favorite magazines and keeping track of confusing picture files. De-clutter your computer and keep the catalogs clean with this online tool that easily organizes the objects of your inspiration!
It only takes a day or two to be invited to join the Pinterest community. If you’re like us, you’ll be hooked in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve created your account and downloaded the “pin-it” button, the Internet becomes your treasure chest. Pick and “pin” any online images to your own Boards, customized around themes of your own creation such as “Summer Florals” or “Parties I want to give!”

Check us out at and always keep it “Legendary!”

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