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Watch A Legendary Event’s Executive Pastry Chef Ami Dand!

Tune in Thursday, January 17th at 10pm ET/PT to see Chef Ami Dand compete on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, as she battles it out for $10,000 and the title of Sweet Genius!

Premiering Thursday, January 17th at 10pm
“Samba Genius”
With lasers as the inspiration, the chefs attempt to make excellent chocolate desserts from a mandatory blue ingredient and a yellow one. Then, for the candy test, Chef Ron has another entertaining and inspiring surprise that inspires the chefs to use a shockingly colorful tuber in their final dish. In the final round, get ready for a trip back in time, as the last two chefs receive a spicy snack and only 60 minutes to prove who deserves the $10,000 prize.

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