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The Perfect Excuse For A Party!

Photo by Lauren Rubinstein

Are you thinking about hosting a get-together for friends and family, but don’t know where to begin?  Let A Legendary Event, Atlanta’s award-winning caterer, decor and floral special events company help you come up with the perfect ideas for a legendary gathering for you and your loved ones.  There are plenty of occasions in the coming months for a party of any size.  Here are just a few for you to think about:

March 21: Spring Equinox – Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with a spring-themed bash full of seasonal flowers.  You could host this party in your own backyard
or in any of the beautiful garden spaces throughout the city.  Check out our array of fabulous Atlanta venues!

May 1: May Day – This spring-time holiday has been around for centuries, but with a few updated tweaks like elegant May Pole inspired chandeliers, you can turn this traditional festival into an unexpected show-stopper.  A wonderful idea for bridal showers, events and more!

May 13: Mother’s Day
– The ideal occasion for a fabulous brunch or tea, Mother’s Day celebrates the women we all hold most dear in our lives.  Pamper moms and family members with a decadent menu and breathtaking décor.

There’s always a perfect party occasion just around the corner, and everyone wants an excuse to have a great time.  So this year, why not surprise your friends and family this year with a unique and unexpected party?  A Legendary Event is ready to help you host the event of the season!


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