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Kaleidoscope Menu

Kaleidoscope Menu

The Many Flavors of the Kaleidoscope Menu

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The idea of a “Kaleidoscope Menu” was first conceived years ago when a client asked A Legendary Event to create a menu to complement their kaleidoscopically-themed event.


We created an innovative “buffet to order” presentation style menu that would not only engage guests, but the goal of the menu was to present as many flavor combinations offered as there were colors casting from the lens of a kaleidoscope.

The effect was dynamic and spontaneous. Here’s how it works: After surveying the array of “Hues of Protein,” “Starch Notes,” “Vegetable Tones,” and “Glazes” presented, guests “build” their own menu at one of the four chef’s stations. These made-to-order, small portioned, gourmet dishes inspire a trial and sample informality. Guests are free to mix and match as many ingredients in as many combinations. With up to 10,000 options on a typical Kaleidoscope Menu, it’s no wonder that people are getting inventive.

The trend is catching fire. This is truly an interactive concept and very vegetarian friendly. Tupelo honey glazed baby carrots and Israeli cous cous with dried fruits and caramelized macadamia nuts are among the latest hits with vegetarians. The mix and match options work in favor of vegetarians who normally feel limited by the restrictive scope of most menus.

With so much to offer, it’s no mystery why this menu is getting so much traction. First of all, it’s the ultimate ice-breaker. Guests interact with the chef while creating their plates and subsequently feel inspired to mill about the room to talk about their choices with fellow guests. Secondly, it’s a rare opportunity for culinary education. Under the tutelage of a gourmet chef, guests can learn what ingredients work best according to their specific taste.

The options are abundant. With literally hundreds of components translating into thousands of options, there’s something for everyone. Finally, the mesmerizing dynamic of an interactive, open-air kitchen is exciting to everyone. Please call 404-869-8858 to request sample Kaleidoscope menus.


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