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Three expert tips for a Long and Happy Marriage

Legendary Events Master Carpenter, Don ‘Pops’ Welsh and his lovely wife Reggie, have been key members of the Legendary Village for over 14 years!

Don’s expertise has been crucial to achieving many of the complex design builds we do for our clients, and if you attend an event at Flourish, his handy work can be seen in the 12ft high doors that lead into the ballroom. Don and Reggie are also the parents of Legendary Events Creative Director, Steve Welsh.

Today, Don and Reggie celebrate 60 happy years together, and to mark this joyous occasion, we decided to get their expert advice, and top 3 marriage tips!

What attracted you to each other 60 years ago?

Don – She was beautiful, she still is.

Reggie – His unique blue & grey eyes. he was a good looking man, he still is.

What has held you together through the years?

Don – Both of us giving 110%, we made a commitment.

Reggie – When we got married it was a commitment to God and that was it. I realized his gifts and he realized mine, and we have a great partnership. We work together and play together.

What advice would you give for couples looking to have a long and successful relationship/ marriage?

Don – Guys need to make the bed, help with the dishes, and vacuum, and if you’re asked to do something, don’t argue just do it, whether you agree or not. If you do argue, get over it quick, forgive each other and yourself and move on. Just love each other and be tolerant.

Reggie – No matter what happens, stay together and work it out, just don’t throw in the towel. Don’t dwell on the bad times, look back and be grateful and thankful for the good times.

*Color image by Nancy Jo McDaniel