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THE ORCHID’S POPULARITY BLOOMS excerpts from June’s Affluent Magazine

When asked what the new “It Flower” was, Kim Vasil, A Legendary Event’s Floral Designer, instantly answered, “The Cymbidium Orchid.” “I think that people are requesting this flower because it is exotic and elegant,” Vasil explained. “Personally, I’m kooky over this orchid—it’s hearty, sleek, and mixes well with more traditional flowers.”. . .In conversations with others, another particular orchid that is named among those gaining popularity is the Vanda Orchid. The Vanda Orchid is a stand-out orchid because it is one of the few botanical orchids with blue flowers—actually a very purplish blue. The magnificent flowers can produce up to 3 or 4 spikes of variably colored petals per branch.

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