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How to Keep Your Business Cooking

Tony Conway’s Secrets for Success Part 1  

Photography: Nancy Jo McDaniel

Hire a “Dream Team” — I always try to hire the best, brightest, and most talented.  When considering a potential employee, or what I refer to as a “team member,” I look for an outstanding portfolio, a relentless work ethic, and a streak of ambition.

No one can be everywhere at once; you must have the right team in place to be successful in any business.

Here’s the caveat.  Even if you screen potential candidates with multiple interviews, tests, and assessments, you’ll inevitably end up hiring some folks who just don’t “pull their weight.” For the sake of your business, you must be willing to let those team members go. Ineffective employees will eventually drag down company morale, and will sap company profits due to their lack of productivity.

At A Legendary Event, clients can be assured they will be handled by the best in the business no matter who they come into contact with at the company.