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A Legendary Sangria

At A Legendary Event, Atlanta’s award winning catering, floral, and décor, we love to serve a New South favorite: Sangria.

Whether you prefer white or red, Sangria is the perfect way to enjoy seasonal fruit. Keep a pitcher in the fridge and let the fruit marinate in the luxury of your choice of red or white wine.

Instead of tossing the tops of your strawberries, macerate them in a light red, such as a fruity French Gamay. Try Spanish Tempranillo if you prefer more tannin in your reds.

For white Sangria, use a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, alleged to be “tropical fruit salad in a glass,” or sample a New World Riesling, which has fruitier notes than its German counterparts. Remember to include those fresh Georgia peaches, still in season, that you bought from your local farmer’s market.

A tip from Tony: Add grapes to Sangria, as a reminder where the beverage originated. Slice them before adding to the marinating fruit to help release the juices and incorporate the wine. Savor the “Legendary” sunshine!