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A Legendary Event Goes Green with Greenco

A Legendary Event became a little greener today by enlisting the help of Greenco Environmental. Greenco Environmental (“Greenco”) is the leading organic recycling company servicing the Southeast. By combining large quantities of food waste, yard waste and wood waste, Greenco creates high quality organic compost with zero landfill contribution. Greenco is the first commercial food waste composting operation to garner a permit and endorsement from the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) or Georgia. Beginning today, A Legendary Event will separate ALL of its food and floral waste from other recyclables. The waste will then be hauled to Greenco’s 32-acre Barnesville-based facility where it will be tilled and turned into organic compost. Dave Lishness, A Legendary Event’s Chief Operating Officer said, “We’re always looking for ways to make our company greener; this seemed like the next evolutionary step toward becoming part of the ‘green’ solution.”
Greenco Environmental is featured in this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle. Check out:
For more information about Greenco Environmental: